Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Birthday in ARIZONA

Since my preferred temperature hovers right around 95 degrees, it only makes sense that I celebrate in sunny Arizona! We decided to venture out and try a newly opened restaurant called Liberty Market. The food and the company was delicious! I was lucky enough to celebrate with Tammy, Vicki, Mary, Ryan, Nichole, Mary, Tyler and the party wouldn't be quite complete without cute Kate. Thanks to Tammy and Vicki for the lotion and the "laugh notes." A party around my birthday is never complete without a few Halloween treats. Tyler decided to show off his new dental work!

A few highlights from the laugh notes:
"Just take it one gigantic, earth shattering, crisis at a time."
"Our family - just the right mix of chaos and love" (this one seems particularly relevant)
"There is no problem we can't ignore, confront, plot against, drown in in chocolate sauce, or run over with the car"
"A friend keeps your secrets, laughs at your jokes, and has the wisdom to know the difference"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Apparently it's time to BLOG!

Here I am, entering the blog world. How crazy is that. I was feeling left out by my sisters-in-law and left in the dust by my over-achieving-super-blogger cousin. So off i go to submit to the peer pressure!

This past weekend, I had an opportunity to represent our company while helping with logistics at the "Rich Dad Business School." Two other coaches with 2 management members attended as part of the conference staff and it was fun getting to know them all better. Working from home I have a tendency to be a hermit so it was probably long overdue. I am very grateful for the experience as i was given the opportunity to meet incredible people and the learning is basically equated to dumping a cooler full of gatorade into a cereal bowl. I was able to spend time talking and learning from multiple authors and my mind will be spinning for a while! I have a long list of new books to read and some great new friends that i thank for making the event so much fun, regardless of how tired our feet were!! Thanks to everyone!!

A special shout out to my "roomie" Linda. The top picture is my room mate from the convention. We were just assigned, in fact i was quite suprised to find out i would even have one! Linda went out of her way to show me the ropes and really take care of me!! She even waited for me to finish my assignements to drive me back to our room! Thanks Linda! Check out her blog (when i find out what it is) to read an amazing journey of health and weight loss. I'm very proud of her....and i just met her!!