Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines sans Valentine

Valentines day in Tucson was celebrated with some amazing women. It was a beautiful day that gave me time for a bike ride and run through the wash, but not quite enough time for the needed nap. The group met at my friends house and of course being the only Mormon, I was dubbed the "DD." I also got dubbed the cook and was commissioned to make appetizers for the group. We had tickets to the Tucson Ballet "Roots of Choreography" show and then a musical concert called "Hot Love." The ballet was unique and interesting with various styles of dance from water, to contemporary, to traditional, to whimsical. It was an amazing show with everything choreographed by the company members and local artists. Following the show we went to the hilarious "hot love" show which was 5 incredibly talented musicians that sing show tunes, soul tunes, do a few spoofs, Elvis, Love songs and do it wall with plenty of humor. It was a small restaurant that hosted and the performers came right out into the crowd and it was very interactive. They even blind folded us for a number. The best part might have been the 3 course meal, 3 courses of DESSERT that is! How in the world can you possibly go wrong there? The only thing that was funny was that the desserts were supposed to be shared by couples and it was supposed to be romantic that they didn't give us silver to use, however with a group of girls and not couples it was actually a little funny. They ended up bringing us a few extra plates since we weren't exactly couples into feeding each other. It was a great night!

Dressed and ready to go. It was gorgeous when we started and down right cold when we finished! So strange the weather is...summer dress and then 1 hour later winter coats!

This would be the bracelet that showed up in the mail from Mike. It's always extra fun to get a surprise in the mail on valentines day.

Karma and Susan.

Karma, Lindsey, and Lorraine.

The whole group!

Hanging Out in Colorado

After Christmas, I drove to Basalt to visit the Corey Enloe clan and their new digs. I liked it so much i went back again! Corey, Brenda and I all share one particular "quirk" and that would be we are all food snobs and love fine dining. We like to experience it as well as create it. While there we had plenty of great food, walked around Aspen, played Wii, watched movies, went to the Glenwood hot springs, and just generally had a great time.

We went to a fun diner on a snowy day. Of all the pictures I took, this is the only one with Malik in it. I think he prefers to be behind the lens rather than in front. Jorie would prefer to have me all to herself, but she got to share for these pictures, lucky girl!

Check out Mr. GQ!

Seriously, could my neice be any cuter?

Yes, she does warrant her own blog post. For those who may not know, this is my niece Jorie-Lu-Who. I think given the opportunity she might move right in with me and she definitely thinks that i was put on this planet for her and only her and does not enjoy sharing me with others. She let's her brothers and cousins know that "this is MY yaya." Here are several pictures i snapped in Aspen while visiting around New Year and they just needed to be shared. I will admit, it's not having my nieces and nephews close that is the hardest part of being in Arizona. I think my favorite role is that of Aunt!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

bad blogger, bad bad blogger

Yes, I'm delinquent in blogging. I used the excuse that i didn't really have much to blog about then i realized that in the past 6 weeks I've been in Rock Springs, Jackson Hole, Aspen - twice, Vernal, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, St. George, Phoenix, and Tucson. How is that not something to blog about!! Now i guess my only excuse is that I'm a lousy-slacker-picture-taker and who likes to blog without pictures? Apparently I better get busy and actually take the camera with me. Currently I'm in Tucson and have attached what i deem to be my funniest yet office space so far encountered in my travels. Yes that is me with computers on bar stools in the doorway. What can you say when you are a gypsy?