Saturday, November 15, 2008

Photo Safari

Today, Malik and I went to the Utah photography scavenger hunt. We were divided into teams and given a list of over 60 things, people, phrases, ideas, or themes to photograph. It was quite the adventure! In the end our team won with 644 points.

At Malik's request, we started the day by taking the train downtown to Library Square.

We walked around the area and got a snack while we waited for everyone to arrive.

In order to take pictures legally, we were issued photography passes which allowed us to take pictures anywhere inside or outside on the city block including people, places, and objects.

Apparently Malik was quite excited, I actually think he took more pictures with his camera than I did with mine.

One of our first pictures was to get a picture of our team reflected in water. Sounded easy, or so we thought, until we realized urban bodies of water proved a little difficult to find in the cold weather. A little standing puddle was the best we could do, and surprisingly we found our reflections.

This was just a crazy actual bike that Malik and I both loved and needed a picture of for no good reason other than cool-factor. This is an actual working bicycle that was chained up for about an hour. It would have been even more interesting if we could have figured out how logistically the riding and stopping worked.

We took a few pictures from the roof of the library. Malik and I took the stairs and he made it to the top first. Great views of the entire city!

Across the street, there was a huge post-election protest with angry groups of people from both sides of the debate yelling and marching. It was quite the entertainment, from a distance anyway.

Mr. GQ

Figuring out the next shot.

Some pictures were more artistic, some more goofy. As the time limit approached us quickly, we started to improvise....we needed a "Non-Egyptian Pyramid." Good thing we had Malik to help!

Just some cool pictures from the collection.

One of the theme's was to capture was "Mad Skills." It was in the team category, so why not take pictures of our team taking pictures....if that's not mad skills at a photography event, then I don't know what is.

One of the pictures was "money in a wishing well" since once again, outdoor water was a little difficult to find, we improvised with the puddle again and added a leaf and a quarter and created our own wishing well.

Malik and I at the end of the event. We both had a blast and it was fun spending the day together. He had a lot of great ideas and jumped right in to make sure to get all the pictures he needed to score our team his points!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time Share the Kids

Sunday I flew back to Utah, and how lucky, Eric flew in for his new consulting job about 10 minutes before me so we got to hang out on the way home. Corey was having a going away party so why not go? This is a picture of my jor-jor-binks and I. Brenda and Corey will need to work out a time share agreement with their kids since I have kind of liked having them close! I'll miss the pizza parties at my house!!

Trip to Tucson

On Friday and Saturday, i spent some time in Tucson with my friends Karma and Kyria, and as usual they introduced me to many new people. Since i pulled a knuckle-head-move and didn't come with the spare battery to the camera I left on all night, i didn't get to take pictures and am at the mercy of others hopefully emailing me some soon!
After an uneventful drive, I was able to spend a little time learning from Karma at Canyon Ranch followed by a meeting with a new friend (Barry) from the Rich Dad event I attended and then lunch with a crazily costumed Kyria (which was a bit of a surprise...really sad I missed that picture!). Halloween night Karma and I passed candy to the trick-or-treaters while we caught up and then had a wonderful dinner at a casual place that I'm pretty sure has the best poppy seed dressing on the planet! Saturday morning, there was more learning with karma and then she treated me to a wonderful massage at the ranch for my birthday....THANKS SO MUCH IT WAS WONDERFUL! We went to the open house of a local pilates instructor (more wonderful treats) and then i headed back to Phoenix to fly out on Sunday. Great trip...just way too short!! Hoping to add pictures!