Sunday, February 15, 2009

Seriously, could my neice be any cuter?

Yes, she does warrant her own blog post. For those who may not know, this is my niece Jorie-Lu-Who. I think given the opportunity she might move right in with me and she definitely thinks that i was put on this planet for her and only her and does not enjoy sharing me with others. She let's her brothers and cousins know that "this is MY yaya." Here are several pictures i snapped in Aspen while visiting around New Year and they just needed to be shared. I will admit, it's not having my nieces and nephews close that is the hardest part of being in Arizona. I think my favorite role is that of Aunt!


Nichole Lowe said...

She really is to cute. If you start missing your neices and nephews to much you can always drive up and adopt my kids for a day. I will let you take them and runaway for a while. :) Hope things are going good in Tucson.

.........Still ME! said...

She REALLY misses HER Yaya! We can't wait to see you in March!