Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I am most certainly on an adventure! Given the opportunity to study and spend time with one of the best, most experienced, and diversely knowledgeable movement profesionals....anywhere....I, of course, jumped at the opportunity. It was a good idea at the time, but now that everything is in storage and I'm living out of suitcases, can't find anything, and basically surfing from place to place for a few months, I have started to question my good judgement skills. I packed everything into storage mid-December (in a ridiculous snow storm) with the help of several who I am very grateful to have around!!

This is one of my current room-mates, the famous O-Dub-Owen-Enloe. The first stop is Parker and Aria's house for the Christmas break, then i will be making rounds in Vegas, Vernal, Spokane, SLC, and then will be on to Tucson by February 1st. Yes, I have found better weather for the winter, and since "my degree" falls around 85...this should work out wonderfully for me! (other than the fact that i can't find anything).

Before leaving SLC, i had to wrap up a class i was teaching at Dancing Moose. I will miss this class, as i taught developmental movement to about 130 kids ages 3-8. This is "ana-cabana-the-sticker-helper" and Ashlyn below in one of the tunnels. I spent the week giving pointers to a new instructor, helping the kids perform in their Christmas program, and saying goodbye to the kids as well as the many teachers who became my friends. The classes all had their moments, but in the end I will miss everyone.

The last day i was there, it was a pajama party and they watched Polar Express as well as plenty of fun games. I will definitely miss the movement room and it's pretty rare to find a preschool through 2nd grade with a studio like this!! (pictured as the movie room below).

Finally, me with a group of the kids! Onward to being homeless on a crazy adventure! I guess the hope is that I come out of this much smarter!!

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