Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Needers is Number 1

Why is Needers number 1 you ask? Well, that is a great story. It started with Dionne coloring my hair and realizing that the Enloe clan and Davis clan were both planning Christmas in Alpine, so why not do it together? It was a great idea! Plans were set in motion and along came Christmas eve.

The day started with the normal hustle bustle, with everyone starting to arrive about 5:00. With a 6:00 dining time, crazy needers decided to skip the prime rib, skip the shrimp, skip the rest of the delightful food and 15 minutes before "go" time cut her left index finger down to the tendon...and including part of the tendon. It was quite the chaos and BBR got lucky enough to skip dinner as well and be the ER hot date. Russ was nice enough to show them the way to the hospital. All turned out well and they made it back just a few minutes before a suprise visit from Santa. (Yes, Needers is demonstrating that she will be number one for about 3 weeks. this should make typing the 100 page document she has for her school accreditation extremely easy!)

During the day, BBR found a great website, santa that lets kids make wishes and asks them questions to decide if they are naughty or nice. I'm glad to see that Santa is automating in the electronic age. I'm also glad to see grandpa found this site since it provided quite the kiddie entertainment.

Toby joined us and Santa's helper, but was more excited about all of the food and snacks that got dropped on the floor.

Garrett was a little reluctant to sit on Santa's lap, but submitted to the peer pressure.

However, BBR did not submit to the peer pressure and took his picture standing.

All the young kids with Santa after getting gifts from him.

All the big kids with santa.....and much more reluctant group.

Since i was behind the camera most of the night this is the token picture of me to prove i was there. (don't worry, BBR called from the hospital to remind me to take pictures with food in any mouths and change the ISO if i use the flash) This is my friend Catherine from work. She is from Paris and without family here other than one son in New York, she was either brave enough or crazy enough or naive enough to join our crew.

Look how cute and innocent. Apparently a different version of Hayden was in the vehicle that travelled from spokane....and he had to work pretty hard to lock down a Santa visit.

The Group! Aria is the game master and planned a fun game where everyone passed presents right and left every time the story she told used the words "left" or "right"

We got to see who listened and who knew their "left" from "right"

Don't worry, we had a nativity. BBR read from the bible and the kids took parts. Jackson was joseph and added a little creative interpretation for his character. He thought he needed facial hair to get into character, and don't worry, Russ suggest a little whipped cream (thinking jackson would laugh...apparently he never met my nephews). Jackson couldn't find whipped cream, so sour cream made due.

Baby Leif was supposed to play the baby Jesus, however he wasn't so much into the whole lay in a manger thing and olivia couldn't make due without a baby so the famous buzz light year made a pinch hit performance.

A big hit with the dollar presents seemed to be the fuzzy hats.............

After everyone left, the kids opened the auntie presents....and we called it a night!

Needers made jammies for all of her grand kids...but UPS failed her and the only ones to arrive at their proper destination were the ones she delivered personally to alpine!



JCS said...

That was a very fun night!!!! I am glad that we all go together. It was full of excitement, laughter, and tears!

Nichole Lowe said...

I am so jealous I wasn't there! It looks like it was a blast. I need that right and left story it looked fun. Hope you are having a Merry Christmas.